Light Alloy (build 1937)

addedchangedfixed 01.12.2014


Preferences->Keyboard: added *Copy current subtitle to clipboard* command.

Preferences->GlobalKeys: ability to customize multimedia keys.

Preferences->System: option to check for updates. (enabled by default)

About Light Alloy window (a button with questionmark): check for updates button (for those who wont to check for updates on player start)

Playlist Report: added %VideoDuration% tag.

Minor optimizations.

Playlist now saves its width by default in fullscreen (earlier you have to check an option for this feature).

Preferences auto-upgrade now requires >= 4.8.7 instead of >= 4.7.8 (so if you upgrade from, lets say, v4.8.5 your settings will be dropped to default ones)

Preferences->Playlist->Misc: removed option *remember state (opened/closed)*, now its remembered by default.

Preferences->Video->Screenshots: *Overlay info OSD* and *Display subtitles* now can be used independenly.

Reverse playtime was broken.

Window border was disappear on window maximization.

Fixed issue with second mode for remember panels state.

Live Preview on timeline was broken if you use middle mouse button.

Fixed player crash with search field in playlist.

Fixed player hang after you delete playing file.

Fixed adding similar files to playlist.

Fixed other minor issues.

Fixed playlist report feature.

On DVD option *switch to fullscreen* sometimes did not worked as intended, when specified option was set.

On DVD the *play/pause* button did not worked as intended.

Video Engine:

Support for two subtitles on screenshots (previosly only one subtitle was displayed).

HEVC: support for crop/fps.

MPEG: support for HEVC in MPEG-PS.

MP4: enhanced seek by keyframe.

Codecs updated.

Enhanced seek forward by subtitles (it works only for text subtitles, more or less; limited support for other types of subtitles).

AVI: on some H264/HEVC/MPEG2-streams fps were not set properly.

FLV: corrected fps calculations; for HEVC-videos fps were not set properly.

MP4: fixes to A/V sync on some files.

DVD: transition between menu scenes were not working for some DVDs.

Fixed player crash on interlaced and high-fps (50/60) videos with disabled DXVA color control which was seen on Radeon videocards.

Subtitles: fixed output of text subtitles on VMR-7 RL.

Fixed wrong subtitle line on screenshots.

Wrong time codes were generated for Screenshot Packs