Light Alloy 4.8.1 (build 1552)

addedchangedfixed 22.08.2014


Japanese language for web-site and installer, thanks to Tilt (

Update checker, will notify you via balloon tip in system tray if new version available. Enabled by default.

"Reverse playtime" option has been moved from Preferences->Interface to Preferences->Keyboard, so now it is a keyboard command and you can set a hotkey.

Do not write "index.bdmv" in playlist, instead write Blu-ray folder name.

Now Light Alloy is visible in system tray by default.

Fixed "index.bdmv" titel for player caption in case of enabled tags formatting.

LA Dub skin: fixed issues on Windows with Japanese language locale.

Fixed issue with unicode support on "Reverse playtime" button.

Fixed other minor issues.

Video Engine:

Subtiles: added support for scaling PGS/DVB subtitles.

Video decoder: fixed playback of some HEVC videos.

Audio decoder: fixed converting routines of Int24 to Float.

MP4: fixed aspect ratio issues with some files.

MP3: fixed sound corruption after seek.

Subtitles: fixed loading/parsing SAMI-subtitles.