Light Alloy 4.7.8 (build 1196)

addedchangedfixed 29.03.2014


Korean language (by 권 병호)

Turkish language (by Yılmaz ER)

Added Sky Audio.

Hint popup where you can see current volume level when you mouse hover on volume slider.

Preferences->Events: added "Pause playback on focus lost, continue playback on focus return" (works only for video mode).

Preferences->Keyboard: search field.

Fixed player crash with activated AviSynth option in case if there is no avisynth-script files.

Preferences menu wont close on Esc key in all cases.

Preferences->OSD: cosmetics and ergonimics fixes.

External playlist were not working in case if player control panel was visible.

Fixed issue with panels auto-hide.

Fixed issue with external playlist + taskbar at top.

Preferences->Events: *Rewind to start* option was broken.

Fixed other less important issues.

Video Engine:

Video Decoder: DXVA support was rewritten and enhanced, fixed issues with video flickering, A/V desync issues, visual artifacts and so on.

Video Decoder: added decoding support for QuickTime 8BPS, rpza, VP7.

Video Decoder: added 4K-video DXVA decoding support for new nVidia video cards with VP5.

Subtitle parser/renderer was significantly rewritten. Performance has been greatly improved both for subtitle parsing and rendering (often 5 times faster or more).

WASAPI Audio Renderer: implemented A/V sync mechanism.

Built-in support for Wave64.

Built-in support for TTA.

MKV: support for Apple ProRes.

MKV: support for MJPEG.

MKV: support for Microsoft MPEG4 v3.

MKV: support for some rare types of uncompressed-video.

MP4: Vorbis support.

Video Decoder: VP9-video now decoded via ffmpeg.

MPEG: improved AC3/AAC parsing mechanism, seek optimizations and fixed some issues related to it.

Updated BASS audio components to latest versions.

Updated codecs, system components to latest versions.

Fixed player crash with some old nVidia video drivers.

Real Media: some files were parsed incorrectly.

MPEG: some HEVC-video were not detected properly.

MPEG: fixed FPS calculcation with some files.

MPEG: some IFO-files were not opened properly.

MKV: fixed v210-video decoding.

Subtitles: fixed DVB-subtitles output if video resolution were lower than subtitles resolution.

Subtitles: fixed some issues with DVD-subtitles rendering.

WASAPI Audio Renderer: fixed dead-locks issues and player hang.

Fixed other less important issues.