Light Alloy 4.8.5 (build 1770)

addedchangedfixed 15.10.2014


Slovak translation (by MaxStrix)

*Repeat file* was not working properly.

*Repeat playlist* was broken.

Extended open dialog: direction arrows were reversed.

Preferences->Interface->Tray: *only in tray* was broken.

Fixed other minor issues.

Video Engine:

TrueHD + Dolby Atmos support.

ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus in WAV-files support.

AMR-WB support.

Support for very short WavPack-files.

MPEG: supported for MPEG-TS without PES, also enhancement support for some files encoded not by standard.

MPEG: support for calculating duration/bitrate by using PCR (program clock reference) data.

FLV: support for H.264 in AnnexB-format.

MKV: fixed sound on TrueHD/MLP streams.

MKV: some files were cannot be played due to memory consumption settings.

MPEG: fixed long opening of some files.

WASAPI: sound disappear when you back to normal playback speed.

WASAPI: fixed data handling on playback end.

Subtitles: fixed crash in case of styles errors, if such subtitles built-in to container.

Other minor issues were also fixed.