Light Alloy (build 2017)

addedchangedfixed 23.01.2014


Added hint with currently playing file when mouseover on player caption.

Updated Italian language.

Updated OpenSSL Shared Libraries v1.0.1L

Removed support for creating screenshots in WebP format.

IRSL: optimization of opening if IceCast is already loaded.

Fixed crash when loading malformed ASX playlists.

Fixed unicode issue with hint on volume slider.

Subtitles options: parameter *border width* was ignored.

Preferences->Keyboard: fixed possible crash when selecting a command.

IRSL: fixed crash when IceCast too big and contains more than ~22000 entries.

IRSL: fixed issue when bitrate in IceCast sometimes contains wrong data.

IRSL: fixed unicode issue with Genre field.

Video Engine:

AVI: extended support for Matrox MPEG2 codecs.

MKV: enhanced compatibility with some external video decoders.

MPEG: optimizations in data parsing.

Dirac: optimizations in data parsing.

Субтитры: some optimizations in data parsing.

Updated Nvidia and Intel videocards list with hardware 4K-decoding support.

Updated codecs.

Video Decoder: fixed playback of some files with incorrect FPS.

Video Decoder: fixed 4:2:0 8bit -> YV12 video output (colors distortion were seen).

Video Decoder: fixed playback of some MPEG2/H.264 in DXVA mode.

Video Decoder: some HEVC-videos (mostly studio demos of 4K) skip frames during playback.

MP4: some files were unable to play.

MPEG: fixed player hang trying to open files which were very small size.

MKV: incorrect FPS calculation for H.264 interlaced.

MKV: some files were unable to play.

FLV: fixed player hang on some corrupted files.

Real Media: some fixes in progressive/interlaced video support.

Subtitles: some PGS-subtitles were displayed with "incorrect" black border.

Fixed player crash due to installed AcerSubtitle filter in user system.

And other minor fixes and enhancements.