Light Alloy 4.8.6 (build 1830)

addedchangedfixed 16.11.2014


French translation.

Preferences->Interface: control panel - *hidden by default*.

Preferences->Sound: ability to set soundfonts for MIDI.

Popup menu for *On top* button in Light Alloy caption bar.

Preferences->Sound: settings slightly reorganized.

Preferences->Video: *on top* - *always* renamed to *Manually*, i.e. with a button.

Playlist: trying to display title tags for web-links, even if title format options are disabled for playlist. Useful for IPTV.

Some optimizations.

Preferences->Sound: an option *load audio file with the same name* has no effect.

Playlist: title of some network playlists were not handled properly.

Playlist: some network playlists were unable to be added.

Media-oriented open dialog: did not worked navigation via Enter key.

In some cases playlists splitter were unavailable in fullscreen mode.

Fixed visua lbug with *on top* button in case of *Always* for *On top*.

*Always* mode for *on top* sometimes was working incorrectly.

Fixed issue with flickering video piture if you in/out mouse to control panel in fullscreen mode.

Player could hang in some cases when you load another file if you already have loaded some file.

Fixed delayed frame repaint on preview window moving when original paint method is used.

Fixed other minor issues.

Video Engine:

Video decoder: DXVA support for AMD video cards with frame characteristics as - width <= 2048 and height <= 2304

WASAPI: rewritten and enhanced mechanism of packets handling, which is resulted in better A/V sync handling in misc situations (some heavy CPU load, for example)

WASAPI: added support for situation like when you disable sound output device, then sound will be transfered to device default sound device (and back, when original sound device is on again).

Updated list of 4K-supported videocards.

Updated OpenSSL libraries to 1.0.1j

Updated codecs.

BASS: updated WMA and FLAC plugins.

MPEG: enhanced MPEG-PS support, fixed some mis-detection cases.

WASAPI: optimized volume changing.

WASAPI: optimized Bitstream.

AVI, OGG, MP4: some files were unable to open.

MIDI: fixed displaying of current playing position.

WASAPI: fixed crash in case of zero-length data.

Subtitles: fixed issue with font scale on some files.

Some FLV were seek too slow.

Other less important issues.