Light Alloy 4.8.4 (build 1717)

addedchangedfixed 14.09.2014


New skin: WebForm (author: Pavlik)

File Information: bytes information to file size.

Preferences->Filetypes: support for Windows 8 and above.

Disable DXVA for Windows XP by default.

Updated some internal components to latest versions.

Audio properties: removed gain slider for equalizer.

Removed subtitles explorer.

Removed WinLIRC Agent.

Recent Files List: under some circumstances the list could be empty.

"Change parameters by wheel, if cursor on timeline or volume bar" did not worked correctly.

Seek to last playing position did not worked for some DVDs.

Subtitle were not shown fo some DVDs.

Fixes to preferences upgrade mechanism.

Fixed some minor issues.

Video Engine:

Video Decoder: greatly optimized decoding of HEVC-video.

DXVA Decoder: enhancements in handling and displaying of frames at the end of the video.

Updated codecs.

MPEG: fixed audio stream detection in some MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS.