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Автор Тема: Light Alloy v4.9.1 build 2389 RC  (Прочитано 95 раз)
 vmsoft77Автор темы
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« : 09 Январь 2017, 20:54:19 »

Changes since Beta 2:
[ + ] Preferences->Mouse->Areas:  added ability to switch subtitles/sound stream for left-up and right-up areas.
[ = ] Preferences->Sound - enable Float as default instead of Int16.
[ = ] Mouse Areas of Video: now they activated by left mouse click, previously an area was activated by double mouse click which wasn't obvious for some users.
[ = ] Updated Polish, Dutch, Spanish translations.
[ - ] Fixed audio flag in Omega skin
[ - ] Media-oriented open dialog: fixed saving of view style & columns width.
[ - ] Media-oriented open dialog: additional fixes to save/load state (font size, columns width) when switching between view styles (list, icons, report...)

Download link:;topic=3073.0;attach=12084

Windows 10 x64.
Asus GTX 560 TOP, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition (3.2 Ghz), 8 Gb RAM, SSD OCZ Vertex3.
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